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This collection is dedicated to those of you who hold steadfast, as do I, to the belief that romance and passion are what life is truly about...that without these things we are but drones in an otherwise bleak and dismal existence.
s a companion work to his musical compositions, Sutton has also written Echoes of Forever:
"The Soliloquy",
a stage presentation of his music accompanied by dramatic recitation of prose
and poetry. The purpose of " The Soliloquy" is to bring to life the images, in his mind's eye, which have been his source of inspiration.
...they both knew this was a moment that would be etched in their hearts forever, there among the
Queen Anne's Lace.
... Let us meet in The Clock Tower tonight just before the toll of three, for I know not when we shall again be together.
Dare I chance to touch her hand and speak of the passion which burns within my soul? Would she, my touch return, and embrace my love so freely as she had... Once Upon A Dream?
...her eyes, like windows to her soul, revealed remnants of a once fiery passion. A love long ago. Their love.